webMethods Wednesdays rock!

Issue 3, 2015

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Weekly demos feature breadth of capabilities

Every week at 2:00 P.M. EST, Software AG features webMethods Wednesdays—live demos that showcase the breadth and depth of the webMethods product line. Products demonstrated include webMethods API Management, BPMS, Integration Server, Integration Cloud, Master Data Management (MDM), Managed File Transfer (MFT) and Mobile. On-demand viewings are available on the webMethods Wednesday’s YouTube channel.

MDM consolidation, the hallmark implementation of customer data management

  1. The webMethods Wednesday’s YouTube channel currently contains two recorded MDM demos from our ongoing webMethods Wednesday series.  Both focus on the MDM implementation style commonly known as Consolidation.

For most companies, the creation and updating of customer data is by far the most dynamic and voluminous within an enterprise. The architecture of a customer data management solution, therefore, must provide the foundation for acquiring and standardizing data from any number of divergent or disparate customer systems. Once customer data has been subject to the necessary transformation and data model mapping, and imported into the MDM hub, a series of data quality and governance processes will ensue.

Governing and reconciling the various versions of the customer master record is a use case demonstrated in two different webMethods Wednesday’s presentations.   webMethods OneData supports a complete Customer Data Integration (CDI) process flow which stages merging, matching and cleansing calls to webMethods OneData’s internal data quality engine, thereby automating the reconciliation process to achieve a single-version or representation of customer. A series of algorithms and survivorships rules govern whether a record is a duplicate, a close match (which will be merged with a preexisting gold record), or in fact, a non-matching customer record which will automatically be assigned its own gold record.

In addition to having its own messaging and RESTful web services, the scope of webMethods OneData’s support for enterprise CDI is substantially broadened by leveraging the webMethods adapter library for SAP®, Oracle®, Peoplesoft® and JD Edwards™ ERP system environments; webMethods OneData also supports integration with Siebel™, Salesforce.com®, IBM® webSphere® and AS/400®.

Additionally (and in lieu of best-and-breed directory provides, such as Dunn & Bradstreet), the webMethods OneData user interface provides direct integration with webMethods Locate, enabling data stewards to manage location data across the company—on-premises and in the cloud. Address verification and geocoding can be performed real-time as part of the MDM data governance process.

webMethods OneData for SAP

webMethods OneData helps SAP organizations determine and propagate an enterprise-wide, single-version-of-truth. Both demos provide different angles on merging, data quality calls, matching, address verification and geocoding—all highlighting how a comprehensive MDM platform provides the necessary integrated governance technologies and implementation styles to ensure good and consistent data quality necessary for successful customer 360 initiatives, including onboarding.

Improving SAP Data Quality through MDM  and Improving Business Processes through MDM and Data Integration demonstrate how to maximize business processes in SAP environments through versatile, multi-domain master data management, including how to:

  • Provide comprehensive data quality, governance and workflow support
  • Achieve real-time data integration and governance with SAP and Salesforce.com
  • Govern data bi-directionally and in real-time between Cloud and on-premises customer data sources
  • Enrich and validate customer address and provide geocoding

Please visit the series on YouTube.