Important news for Apama customers using Software AG Installer and Software AG Update Manager

Installations for Apama will transition away from the Software AG Installer and Software AG Update Manager to compressed archives available through Software AG Download Center. In the future you will need to download and extract Apama from the compressed archives to get the latest Apama updates. This change also affects downloads from the Apama downloads section on Tech Community.

In the coming weeks, customers with Apama installed in the same installation folder as webMethods, EntireX and ApplinX products will be required to separate their installation into distinct root folders — one exclusively for Apama, another for webMethods, EntireX, and ApplinX and another for other Software AG products. To achieve this, customers will need to uninstall Apama from the current location and install Apama into a separate root folder. This measure will help streamline updates and minimize conflicts between different product installations.

Compressed archives will initially be available for Apama 10.15; compressed archives for 10.11 and 10.7 will be made available within a few weeks. Installation instructions describing which compressed archives to use for different use cases will be made available with the release of Apama 10.15.5.

If new Apama installations are required before the compressed archives are available on Empower, customers can use the Software AG Installer and Software AG Update Manager to select and install only the Apama components. In the period before the compressed archives are available, customers integrating Apama with webMethods products can copy the required libraries from their webMethods installation.

If you’re a webMethods customer, please also refer to this webMethods post.

Please contact Global Support for further questions at (online support center).