Client Tools (developer...) on MAC OS X

Hello All,

First I would like to apologize if this post might not be in the right sub forum but I didn’t know where to put it …

I am curious how and if anyone had successfully got Developer to work under MAC OS X .

I succeeded to get Developer 7.1 to work on MAC OS 10.6 Snow Leopard but with one main bug : when clicking on “New” and “Other” Whole program java.main got stuck frozen.
This is quite frustrating as it is therefore not possible to create new JDBC Adapter service for example or other Triggers and Notifications objects which are not in the default list of few most used…

Now I have upgraded to 10.7 Lion :frowning:

Before to be able to run Developer on MAC I had to manually get an older Java version (1.4) to be able to run Developer otherwise whatever other Java version I would try, it would fail and return a wm.proxy error??

Now on Lion, I am unable to launch Developer at all. I am first of all not able to install older version 1.4 of Java on LION with previous method (any idea on that btw?) and am wondering about how to get Developer to work on MAC OS in general to see if I could as well.

My method in 10.6 was to make a copy of a Windows filesystem structure on a my windows pc and just port it to Linux by transforming the .bat file into .sh.

What about Designer? I was unable to get it to work at all on Leopard as well as Lion. My understanding is that it’s Eclipse with extra Plugins ??

What about Linux and success on some distributions?

I have seen few trainers presenting and demonstrating with a Macbook… Could you please help?

Thanks a lot in advance .


Hello Jeremy,

are you able to install Developer on MAC OS X , i am trying to Install Developer and TN Console on . Could you Please help me out …



Developer is quite easy to get it working.

  • Install Developer on a windows machine (or a VM on your MAC)
  • Copy the folder structure to your MAC
  • Change the developer.bat file into and make this compatible with bash or ksh script (bat files have slightly different language than shell, a little shell scripting knowledge is requited (i.e.: environment variable declaration is done with “set variable=value” whereas in bash shell it is “export variable=value”, %variable% in windows becomes $variable in Mac. And semi colon in windows becomes colon in Mac. Also of course change the file paths which currently look like “C:…” to “/Users/…” according to where you have copied the files

For TN I have never tried it.

Finally what you can do is ask SAG to provide you the Eclipse URL to add the SAG plugins to a versions of Eclipse that you will install (Mac version). This will also cover Developer functionality…

Thanks Jeremy for the Quick Reply

should i just Copy the Developer Folder Structure or the entire Installation Structure in the C drive .

and i am pasting the batch file so could you Please let me know what all should i change

@echo off
rem developer.bat : launch Developer

SET DEVELOPER_DIR=C:\SoftwareAG\Developer
SET JAVA_DIR=C:\SoftwareAG\jvm\jvm160_32\jre


rem NOTE: Classpath modifications in this file are EXCEPTIONS to the rule.
rem See %DEVELOPER_DIR%\config\ini.cnf or create an official .jar to
rem change the classpath the ‘standard’ way.

SET ALLOW_ARRAY_CLASSLOADING="-Dsun.lang.ClassLoader.allowArraySyntax=true"

SET SSL_PATH=%SSL_DIR%\enttoolkit.jar
SET CLASSPATH="%JAVA_DIR%\LIB\rt.jar;%COMMON_LIB_DIR%\ext\mail.jar;%DEVELOPER_DIR%\LIB\wm-isproxy.jar;%SSL_PATH%;"


“%JAVA_DIR%\bin\java” -Xms128M -Xmx256M %ALLOW_ARRAY_CLASSLOADING% -classpath %CLASSPATH% “%DEVELOPER_DIR%”\config\ini.cnf %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

rem … restore original classpath and path
goto :EOF


Thanks Jeremy Once again