webMethods 7.x and Mac (Leopard)


I am planning to go for Mac(10.5, 4 GB RAM) , but I am not getting sufficient info from advantage or any other wM resource about wM component compatibility.

I know wM IS 7.1.2 supports Mac (10.4) only…kindly share info about compatibility with other wM components e.g. designer, blaze, MWS n other components

Looking forward for genuine advice.

Puneet Saxena

All the server based components run on the os x 10.5. from what I understand - designer 7.2 can also be made to run on the MAC with some tweaks

Hi Puneet,

Were you able to get the wM suite to run on OSX? Were you able to find the client tools e.g. Developer, Designer etc for MAC?


How can one get a copy of wm Integration Server and Developer for Mac? Is an evaluation version available?


You will have to create an image file from Advantage using installer, for which, you should have download access… There is no evaluation version available for IS…


The solution of creating image file for Mac OS X does not work !

The option to download Developer is not available for Mac there.

I had to install on a Windows client and then copy structure of Developer Directory to my Mac.
Then I had to change the developer.cnf and create developer.sh (instead of developer.bat)…

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