[Developer7] How ot change default "New" dialog box


I would like to know if in Developer 7.1 or 7.2 there is a way to change the default list of New items to create?

When you right click anywhere in the left panel, choose “New” you have few favorite items and then “All Choices” where you can choose Service Adapter…

I would like to have in the favorite list (without having to click on “Other Choices”) the Service Adapter option…

I know it sounds stupid like a stupid request but the reason is because I am using Developer on Mac OS and when I click on “All Choices…” it freezes the whole Java Developer.

Thanks a lot in advance for your lights !


Sorry, but even I could not find this…I could even find the favourite services list in options of developer…
Try opening from File menu…

Hi Suvigya,

The favorite service list in Options is different it is what you get when you press the “invoke service” button in Developer.

I tried from menu “New” and same thing happens (frozen developer)

do you also have Mac or windows?
I tried on linux and no problem…

Hello buddy…

I am using Windows. I mentioned that even I could not find the same thing you want…but did you try from File menu above?

If your pc is hanging done, check whether JVM is installed, as it should be installed with WM, but then also.

Even try to close the Dev and reopen to do it…it sometimes happen that it absorbs excess memory and virtual memory…


When I click File → New, New from the Dropdown box in the upper left corner (below the File menu) or hit CTRL-N I get the complete selection box right away (on Windows). But if it freezes when you select All from the conext menu it may freeze here as well. If this is the case you should follow the advise checking if the correct JVM is used (Usually the one installed by webMethods is best).

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