Centrasite 8.2 Login Problem

i have recently installed Centrasite 8.2 but when i try to login, i receive the following error message:
“Connection handler com.centrasite.control.login failed to establish connection.
Reason: Database access error. Can’t connect to server CentraSite.
Plug-in com.centrasite.control has been disabled.”
I have a Windows 7 operating system and I checked that all the necessary services of Centrasite are running on it.
I searched this forum and found that some other people had similar problems. In one of the threads it was suggested that "…CS Database needs to be started manually after the installation. To do it, Login into SMH and navigate to the CS Registry/Repository and check the status of it. If it is in stop status make it start. "
When i go to SMH and navigate to “Registry/Repository”, its Status is “Offline”.
However, i have no idea where and how i can start the CS Database or the CS Registry. I checked the available Centrasite documentation but have not found anything helpful there.
Any suggestions what to do?

One more thing. I checked the “Database Activity” in SMH (under “Monitoring” of “Registry/repository”) and there was the following error message code: INOAAE0095. Again i could not found the message code in the documentation of Centrasite so i googled it and found it in the documentation of the Tamino XML server. There it says:
“INOAAE0095 This command requires a different database state
An attempt was made to execute a command that either requires an active database, but the database is inactive, or the command
can be executed only in inactive mode, but the database is active.
Start or stop the database to bring it into the appropriate mode (active or inactive) and retry the command.”

Thank you for your help in advance.

All the Best, lw.

You’re almost there…

Right click on the registry/repository and select Start from the pop up context menu.

It is documented:

my bad, thank you for the link. It solved my problem.
All the best, lw.