Cannot configure logging debugging errors in version 10.7

Good day,

Cannot find the in the log config file in the for 10.7, and see one instance in …\ApplinX\config, as the log directory that was there in the pervious version s is no more there. Searched through the …\ApplinX directory,

How to configure the PROCEDURE_RUNTIME_ERROR_LOG to log debugging errors in …\ApplinX\host-applications\App\log ?

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Hi Leonard,

The location of the file have changed in 10.7, for some reason this wasn’t properly updated in the DOC.
You should find the file here: …\ApplinX\applinx-web\WEB-INF\config\log\gxlog_config.xml.
You will need to configure the log level from “off” to “debug”:

<!--  procedure runtime error -->
<Property name="proc.rt.err.log.level">off</Property> ```

Hope this helps,

Thank you Gadi



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