ApplinX REST services format is NOT JSON

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The REST web service implemented via SOA ApplinX application responds with the payload in XML format.
Do not see how to respond with JSON format. Is it ever possible ?

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?


have you set a Content-Type:application/json HTTP header for your request?

I have set that and received server error http 500

do you have access to the server.log from the wmIS that is hosting your REST services? There should be some more information about the error that the service returns as HTTP500 to the caller.

Hi Leonard,

I think you’re using version 10.7 which has the previous WSS REST implementation, which is XML based.
Updating to the latest version would let you use the new implementation with JSON format…

Hi Gadi,

Migrated the working app from 10.7 to 10.11 but still received the same error after adding Content-Type as application/json.

Assume that I might have to open SR

I think you probably need to re-generate the REST service using the new implementation.
Please review the relevant DOC section.

I have recreate procedure group but have not notice the difference.
Also, when explicitly specifying Content-Type as application/xml the the fault: Stream closed takes place

What I’m talking about is a completely new REST implementation, you’re still trying to modify the old one - this will NOT work.
Please review the DOC section I sent earlier and use the NEW implementation of REST.

Thank you very much

I am still very confused by this documentation as it seems very incomplete.

How to use the rest-API-config.json file to generate new REST implementation ?
And attempting to get token with connect session receive HTTP Status 415 – Unsupported Media Type

Cannot recall anything else as much confusing …

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