Unable to get node object when calling is service from postman

Hi All,
I am using version 10.3
When I do rest call from postman with Content-Type = application/xml I am unable to get node object. I am getting contentStream.
How should I get node object to continue?

Thanks in advance.

Check if you have set watt.server.http.xmlFormat=node

Yes it is watt.server.http.xmlFormat=node

Hi @mft
Setting the Content-Type to application/xml must ensure that the input is treated as an XML, and based on the watt property for xmlFormat you should be getting one of the following possible values - node, xmlStream, xmlBytes.
If you are getting contentStream, then it appears that the HTTP header is somehow not reaching the Integration Server.

Next steps:

  • To confirm, I would suggest you increase logging. Set the facility for HTTP Header ( 0038 ) to Trace in the server logging and retrigger the postman request. Then check the server logs. This should confirm if the Content-Type header reaches as expected.

  • You could also try with a different client to compare.

  • If the header is correct, then please check if you are on the latest core fix levels for 10.3. If you are still getting this error, then this is a bug, and I would suggest you raise a support ticket.

  • If you have access to newer versions of the Integration Server you could also try to repro the scenario in the newer versions.

Note: you may want to reset the facility back to Info again, since there will be a lot of logging generated logging headers for every request.


This can be set at the service level too. Might check that.