How to enable Procedure runime error log

When testing a SOA enable procedure, I occasionally recieve the following error in gxlog.txt (log level is Errors), how do I enable the Procedure runtime error log as suggested by the message?

If the Procedure runtime error log has been enabled, refer to the automatically generated dump file for the full debug log data.

Thanks Chris

I had the same question and got this answer from support:

The error in the log refers to the “procedure runtime error log” which should be enabled.
Here are the instructions on how to enable the log:

Generating Log for Procedures:

ApplinX enables generating a log that includes debug data regarding procedures that fail in runtime.
To implement this feature:

  1. In the ‹APPLINX HOME›/config/log/gxlog_config.xml file under the com.sabratec.util.flow.error_tracking category tag, change the ‹level value=off/› line to be commented and uncomment the ‹Ülevel value=debug/–› line.
  2. Restart the ApplinX Server.
    The log will be created in the ‹APPLINX HOME›/log directory, and the file names will have the following format:
    %i being identifying information about the user and procedure name, and %t being the timestamp.
    The location and name of the file can be changed in the gxlog_config.xml file.

The above info is available as a technical tip in Servline24, document id 564479.*|procedure|log