Can REQUEST DOCUMENT be Asynchronous?

We are interested in generating an asynchronous web service request, because the user doesn’t need any data returned. Right now they have to wait for the REQUEST DOCUMENT to complete. We are hoping there is a way to configure the statement so it does not wait for a response. Does anyone know if that is possible on version 4.1.3, or if it is planned for some future release?

Not sure of any plans, but such a suggestion would make an excellent change enhancement. Part of implementing this would involve figuring out how to process the reply message (via Nat RPC Server if you have EntireX perhaps?).

Anyway, please use ServLine to make your request, and hope to see it soon in the C/E forum!

Thanks Brian,
We don’t have EntireX, but we do have SysQL, which provides a way to execute a Natural RPC View, so that’s how we would post back the response. And sorry, I’m new to the forum, and don’t know about ServLine. Can you please explain?
Thanks again,

ServLine is the Customer Support website of Software AG. If you do not have a support user id, someone in your organization does (your Adabas DBA?). Through there is a facility to enter a change request, which is the entry point into the C/E process.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.