Asynchronous SOAP/XML service call to Natural subprogram

I thought I had done something like this before, but this time it is causing the client-developers some heartburn. I have a WSDL/aar file generated from an IDL from a Natural PDA and SOAP-based generated XML mapping (XMM). For the IDL, there is only one level 1 parameter and it is defined as In (input only). No variables are marked as InOut or Out.

Opening the XMM file in Designer, I have

I published the aar file to the WS-Stack (Apache Tomcat) that comes with EntireX. Notice there are no output elements in this Response payload, but I think the developer’s issue is that I have a Response document at all.

Now, I could delete all the nodes in the Response mapping except the root, and then unmap the root, but then I still have this:

I am not sure if that will help or work at all.

Please advise what I should do when publishing a WSDL/service endpoint that is intended to be invoked asynchronously (request-only). I know when I set up a client call to a request-only service via XML RPC Server, I use “reliable RPC” settings to tell the client to call the service and move on, and really don’t wait around to see what kind of response payload might exist, so partially I am wondering if the service is actually OK as is and it is the client developer who needs to change her client call to make it asynch and not care if I have this minimal response payload. The client is a SOA layer service (Oracle) so I don’t know if they have this concept of “reliable RPC” like we do if the client development is in Natural.

From: XML WSDL (

In this example the element defines “glossaryTerms” as the name of a port , and “getTerm” as the name of an operation .

The “getTerm” operation has an input message called “getTermRequest” and an output message called “getTermResponse”.

The elements define the parts of each message and the associated data types.

It goes on to say:

I’ve not figured out how to get the resulting WSDL from Designer to express this kind of service. Even with no InOut or Out parameters in the WSDL, there is always a structure like this:

Does anyone know how or if this can be done in Designer?