Request Document

I have a NATURAL program that uses the Request Document statement to invoke a web service. the server uses https, so we had to install AT-TLS.

The issue we are having is that sometime the batch job works (condition code = 0) and sometimes (more often) it does not. When it doesn’t we get a nat8304.

HTTP request failed. Reason :1:.

Tx *** Short Text ***

HTTP request failed. Reason :1:.

Ex *** Explanation ***

The REQUEST DOCUMENT statement has received an error from the
transport layer.

Ac *** Recommended Action ***

Contact Software AG support.

we’ve contact SAG support, but no answer yet.

From the SYSOUT of the job,

15 21:57:18 recv() failed, errno=1121 EDC8121I Connection reset.
Sys Error, errno:1121 EDC8121I Connection reset.

the problem seems to be on our side, not the web server side; they tell me they see no errors in their trace.

anybody had ANY thougts on how to debug this problem?



I am guessing this is some kind of timeout occurring. I am not familiar with the new parms that govern HTTP or TCP/IP timeout limits, but I would check there to see if I can either bump up or remove the current time limit for a response to the HTTP request.

thanks for responding.

anybody familar with these parms? know their names… i couldn’t find anything in the manuals.


your network admin should now about those parameters.
A place, where I would expect information about timeout setting is here:

z/OS Communications Server
IP Configuration Reference

For z/OS V1R11 you may follow the following link: