request document never returns

I have a simple program that does a post statement. when we run this program from a natural session under Citrix we never get any return from the request document statement. we can packet trace and see that the server is returning the page we want but the program line after the request document never gets any return of any kind?

it seem like natural is getting an error of some kind but I am unable to trap it.

I would recommend opening a Servline24 support request to obtain assistance on this.

I would except the system doesnt give me a way to send in a problem thats not on the mainframe?

Are you running an emulation window via Citrix or Natural for Windows on Citrix? What version of Natural are you using?

You can open a request with whatever Servline24 presents, then let the support representative know what your complete environment is in the comments.

Servline24 should present the list of products and platforms that your organization is licensed for. If the list is incorrect, please contact your sales representative or use the “Contact” link in Servline24.