Request Document Statement

I was pretty excited about the new Request Document statement. However, it’s not very useful since it doesn’t support HTTPS. Every web service that we want to access uses that protocol. Are there any plans to add HTTPS support? What would be my best option if I still wanted to access web services from NATURAL?



You can use EntireX Communicator to do RPC calls for web services - from Natural it becomes a CALLNAT to communicate with the RPC server that does the actual web service calls.

Another possibility is to set up a proxy and connect through it. You

Coming back to the first question - SSL support for request
document is on the roadmap for a next Natural release.
regards Karlheinz

Thanks to everybody for the feedback on my question. very helpful.


BTW, Karlheinz - when you say next release - would that be a 4.2 release, or some well done the road, such as 5.x?