I’ve heard a rumor that the REQUEST DOCUMENT feature of NATURAL 6 will be going away. Is that true? If so, why?


No definitely not!!

Where is this false “rumor” comming from???

At the NATURAL Conference we found out that the REQUEST DOCUMENT statement is planned to be available for NATURAL 4.2 for the mainframe (late 2006 Q1). The holdup was caused by the need for UNICODE support to implement the statement.

Came from the NATURAL User’s Conference in Boston. There were no discussions, presentation or materials about this ability of NATURAL on Open Systems, including the NATURAL 6.2 futures.

Off hand comments were made by SAG employees and customers on the SAG Executive committee that the decision was made to drop this and any capability from NATURAL that over laps with ENTIRE X functionality.

I take it strickly as a rumor since I did not attend the conference. I’m hearing this from other people who attended. None the less I am concerned.

We use the REQUEST DOCUMENT and PARSE functionality of NATURAL 6, and would like to see more advanced capabilities built into NATURAL, not less. As a very happy ENTIRE X customer, I still see the value of WEB/XML technology built into NATURAL.


The REQUEST DOCUMENT statement is integral part of the Natural language and will be provided on mainframes as well. There are no plans to remove this functionality from Natural. :!:

That’s definately good news. Thanks for the update.