Natural 5 benefits and performance futures

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What are Natural 5 version benefits and futures. How will be the performance when compared with Natural 2 version or Natural 4 version…

Will appreciate if you could give me any information about this.

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There is not a Natural 5 version planned for the mainframe: the next major version is expected to be Natural 8.2.

Roadmap can be seen at, but it is still fairly high-level at this time.

Hi Douglas,

It looks interesting to have Natural 8.2 however, the road map link is not working. Can you please attach the PDF?

Hope I am looking at the correct one :slight_smile:

[url]The Web page cannot be found

Using the PDF link above, if you just remove the comma at the end of the address bar you will get the slideshow.

After looking at it, I see what is happening, and it is not entirely certain that even though this is a change from version 4 to version 8 that this is really a new “version”. All products are being renumbered to a synchronous version & release number… 8.2, which will be common for all products and platforms from what it seems (even EntireX and the Software AG downloader are already at an 8.2!).

Being this will be “release 2” makes me think this is little more that a renumbering.

SAG product marketing - please weigh in to set the record straight on this.

In the long run, it will simplify knowing what products and subproducts are compatible. There may be some initial confusion through this change.