Natural 8 vs Natural version below version 3

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Can any one pls let me know the differences between NATURAL8 and Natural version below 3. I heard that the pgms that are compiled with Natural version below 3 will not work with Natural 8.

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Assuming you still have the source code, it is likely your pre version 3 (Version 2 or 1, which do you have) will compile and execute properly. Of course you will be running with programs that do not take advantage of probably half the features in Version 8.

It is difficult to remember which features were added with which release, but if you have such old code, you probably have:

MOVE INDEXED statements simulating the current array capabilities.

Multi-leveled IF statements rather than the current DECIDE statements.

Strange coding to escape subroutines within subprograms rather than the current ESCAPE MODULE

The list would probably run to at least fifty of the scenarios above.


Thanks for the quick reply Steve!!!

So i guess Recompiling these modules against natural version 8 wont create any problems on current functionality.

The source code format has changed, so you may have to do a bit of cut & pasting. Might be worthwhile, depending on how many objects you have , to write a routine to do the format conversion.

But, yes, once you get the source into Natural there is no reason it should not compile and run.


This is what it says in the release notes for 8.2.2:

"Natural objects that were created with Natural Version 2.3, 3.1, 4.1 or 4.2 for Mainframes can be executed with Natural Version 8.2 without any adjustments to the objects or any conversion or migration procedure being required. This also applies to objects that have been cataloged with the Natural Optimizer Compiler.

Objects cataloged with a Natural Version prior to 2.3 must be recataloged before execution with Version 8.2. This also applies to data areas that are used by these objects.

Software AG strongly recommends that any existing objects be recataloged with Natural Version 8.2 to take advantage of improved performance. "

So I guess it all depends on which lower version you are talking about.


Hi ,

can you please help me with the Natural One 8.3.8 setup to install.
i need silent switch to install the setup(Natural One).
i am trying to package the application by repackaging but its not capturing some of the files(because of long path issue).
Please help me with silent switch to automate it.