Will Nat228-cat code execute under Nat421?

Can anyone say - definitively - will Nat228-cat code execute under Nat421?

From the Release Notes it would appear not, although they are not as explicit as I’d like them to be. I say that because, after all, what was Nat23x all about anyway - it wasn’t much more than a Nat228++.

Has anyone tried running Nat228-cat code under Nat421? Do you get a NATxxxx?

Applications Created with Previous Natural Versions
Applications that were created with Natural Version 2.3, 3.1 or 4.1 for Mainframes can be executed with Natural Version 4.2 for Mainframes without any adjustments to the programs or any conversion or migration procedure being required. This applies also to programming objects that have been cataloged with the Natural Optimizer Compiler.


It will not work. You will get a NAT0393.

All 2.2* objects must be recatalogued under a newer version.