Natural v8.2.3

Good morning everyone!
Natural recently migrated from version 4.1.4 to version 8.2.3 with no serious problems.
It happens that, on the Home screen of the Natural Security is not showing the text of the error message content, only the error code.
For example, when typing an incorrect user-id, msg comes as few NAT0873,
without specifying "User id or invalid password ".
What was missing to have the text of the error messages on the screen of the NSC ?
The publisher of Natural texts typically appear only in the initial screen of the NSC does not appear.
I greatly appreciate the help!
Good luck to all!
Mark Xupetta

First of all - welcome to the forum.

Secondly, can you please make sure you post question to the “correct” forum ?
This makes it more likely you’ll get an answer.

In this case it would be the Natural on Mainframes forum.


  • Did you upgrade the old FNAT, or load a new one with 8.2 ?
  • Did you run the Natural INPL with function ‘B’ (load all) ?