CAF not found in Designer

Hello all

Sorry for my probably stupid question. I would like to start to make my own webpages which will run my custom services, but I’m not able to start “UI development perspective” in SAG Designer. It’s simply not present there. I have also noticed that I haven’t any perspective for crerting Bussiness Process Models (BPM). Could you please suggest me some solution for this? I’m not sure what to do if install some patch / fix or do I need some special license for it?

Thank you for your tips


Hi Jan,

looks like you have missed some components during creation of image or during installation.

objects need to be updated by UpdateManager afterwards.

Which version of wM are you using?


I’m using SAG designer v9.12. All integration servers to which I’m connected are 9.5 same as My webmethods portal which is again 9.5.


New components must be installed using the Installer (in your case, the UI development sub-components of Designer).

Only once it has been installed can you update it (and you should).

Best regards.


Thank you all for you comments!

I have solved this situation by completely removing V9.12 from disk and then reinstall to version 9.8 from image. I don’t know why but when I have only updated V9.12 and installed only missing componensts it didn’t help.

But definitely it was caused by my fault during the first installation because I didn’t probably made final overview carefuly to be sure if all things are checked.

Again many thanks to you