broken connection to localhost 2800

With NaturalOne 8.2 installed on pc Windows XP I get this error when I try mapping localhost:2800 or when I build Travel sample project. Same with hostname named either localhost or I checked registers and ports to avoid conflict but everything appear to be in order. I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times keeping in mind readme suggestion when uninstalling but nothing changed.
Can you help me or give me some suggestions on what to do more.
Many thanks and best regards.

Hello Kborn,

  • Go to the directory, where you have installed NaturalONE (ex. E:\NaturalONE82-CE\naturalone\samples) and copy this file ( now unzip this file and copy it in your workspace (ex.: D:/data/travel), be sure you have in this workspace a directory called Travel with .project file.
  • Start NaturalOne with a new workspace (ex.: D:/data/travel)
  • Go to window → Open Perspective-> other → NaturalONE, Tomcat will be started automatically.
  • Now go to Navigator and import the Existing project
    (Import → General → Existing Projects into Workspace → Select root directoy: E:\Data\travel\Travel)
  • Now the project will be built, otherwise you should check (Project’s property-> Natural → Runtime) And (Project’s property → Ajax Developer)

I hope this will help you!

I installed Natural One in a computer with Windows Vista 32 bits, and when I upload a program, I received this message: “broken connection to localhost 2800”.
how I can solve this problem?