Backup path change

I’m automatically backing up the database every morning and want to know how to change the path or directories the finished backup ends up in.

You do this by argbatch or by System Management Hub web interface?
In any case, if you change teh default backup location, backups will go there unless you explicitly specify a different location

I did go into the Management Console and set the “default backup location” to a different one. I started and stopped the service and even did a reboot. It’s still going to the original backup location?? I forced a manual backup to the new location and it backed up to there with no problems, but when it does the nightly backup, it still goes to the original one?? This is a short drive to going nuts…

I am sorry, I gave you the wrong hint.
In the System Management Hub administration console, please expand the database tree for the database in question, then expand the “Locations” node. Select “Backup location”, right click, select “Modify”, and add your favourite location while removing the active one.