argbatch backup database problem


I’m using Tamino on WindowsXP.
I’m trying to implement a command line backup for my Tamino server. I am issuing the following command:

argbatch backup database product=“Tamino
” database=Beta backuplocation_0=C:\temp

However, the following error is thrown while processing and I have no clue as to what it is referring to. Please advise:

Error: (INODSE1386) At least 1 character(s) required (2003-07-09 10:17:31)

Jim McDowall

Hello Jim,

you have found a strange error message here!
I think that an error is occurring because the value specified for backuplocation_0 (i.e. C:\temp) is a directory, not a location in the Tamino sense.

Please explore the following path in the System Management Hub:
    → Tamino → Databases → Beta → Locations → Backup Location

When you click on the “Backup Location” element in the tree, the names of the valid backup locations will be displayed in the right-hand pane.
Specifying the appropriate location name as the value of backuplocation_0 should do the trick.

I hope that helps!

Hi Jim,

may we also recommend that you upgrade to Tamino 4.1.4.
In this version, you get:

>argbatch backup database product=“Tamino” database=welcome_4_1_4 backuplocation_0=C:\temp

Command started at: 2003-07-10 11:30:46
Running for product Tamino on target node

Error: (INOAAE0155) Unknown location ‘C:\temp’ (2003-07-10 11:30:46)

Command ended at: 2003-07-10 11:30:46

which clearly indicated the usage problem Trevor has explained



Thanks guys. That’s what I needed to know. Works like a champ now.