argbatch - create database from backup

I’m attempting to script the creation of a database from a backup file generated on another host. This is something I’m currently doing manually and would like to automate.

My platform is Win2K.

I execute the following:
argbatch create database target= product=tamino name= backup_type=“file” initial file= user= password=

This command provides the following message:
Running for product tamino on target node

Specification of parameter initial not allowed!
Specification of parameter file not allowed!

usage: create database [help]…

I’m able to create a database otherwise, but the requirement is to create a database from a specific backup file.


Continuing to work on this problem (using v2.3.1.4).

This command:
argbatch create database target= product=Tamino name= backup_type=“file” “initial file=” user=uuu password=ppp

will execute - notice the quotes all the way around the ‘initial file’ argument. However, during the execution the server throws a fatal error: Fatal: (INORBF4265) Internal error found in backup copy

I continue to research this problem. If anyone has insite, please help.



I would like to point out 3 important things when using argbatch:

1. The value that has to be used for the parameter “target” is NOT the hostname from /etc/hosts but the CASE SENSITIVE NAME that is displayed in the Tamino Manager (SMH) under “Managed Hosts”, e.g.
It is important to know that ONLY THIS CASE SENSITIVE NAME is the correct value for the parameter target.

Example: ""

2. You can obtain detailed information about a certain argbatch command by calling the command with the parameter helplong, e.g.

argbatch create database helplong target=“” product=tamino user=yourdomain\sag password=***

3. In your case it should help to provide optional parameters which specify the size of the dataspace and index space, e.g.


Especially if the database you backuped consisted of multiple data spaces, it is important to provide enough space when doing a “create database” from backup.

Best regards,

Jan Harmsen
Software Engineer
Software AG