Hi everyone,

Im trying to backup my tamino DB on linux using argbatch command:

argbatch backup database

And it always gives me this error:

Batch command backup database is unknown on target mnlux01!

I checked my argbatch environment settings and it seems ok. Here is my argbatch environment:

Batch environment set to:

target = mnlux01
version = undefined (default is last version)
product = TAMINO
milsrv = mnlux01
user = sag
password = ******

ARGBATCH_USER = undefined

Hope you can help me with this because i want to try scheduled backups for tamino. Thanks.

We had similar issues. There are 2 thinks that come to mind.

(sorry…lets try again). There are 2 things that come to mind. Firstly make sure that mnlux01 is defined as a host in system management hub. In later versions of smh, any node used by argbatch must be defined here (with the same name) rather than via dns). Secondly, on Unix, the product name is case sensitive, ie “product=Tamino” not “product=TAMINO”. Trust this helps…Jon

Thank you so much!!! I tried using product=Tamino and everything is working now.