Hi all,

I have some problems using the Batch Interface. I’m not able to manage a db created with SMH.
Win2K Pro
Apache Web Server

Batch environment set to:

target = clone20
version = (default is last version)
product = Tamino
milsrv = localhost
user = myname
password = *****
xmlstyle = off

ARGBATCH_USER = undefined


when I type

D:\Programmi\Software AG\System Management Hub\bin>argbatch start database name=
test product=Tamino

Command started at: 2002-02-07 11:26:28
Target localhost is unknown (clone20 possibly not registered as IP Address in

Error on read: (ARG0115) Host has closed connection
Command ended at: 2002-02-07 11:26:28

clone20 is inserted in the list of my Managed Host but I don’t understand the reason of that.

Any suggestion is appreciated


Hi Christian,

the argbatch documentation is unfortunately a bit unclear:

For “target” one has to use EXACTLY the name of the host as shown in Tamino Manager.

E.g. if Tamino Manager shows:

one has to use

the value for target is case sensitive and is NOT an entry from /etc/hosts !!

This should help you,

Best regards,

Jan Harmsen
Software Engineer
Software AG

Hi Jan,

thank you very much for your help.
Now I solved my problems.


Hi Cristian,

1. sorry for misspelling your name…

2. There is a possibility to change the hostname which you have to provide as target when calling argbatch:

The file [System Managemen Hub Directory]/files/xml/hostlist.xml

contains the hostname that you have to provide when calling argbatch (and this is the hostname shown in Tamino Manager). You can change this hostname so that it matches your DNS or entries in /etc/hosts (after changing it you’ve got to reboot to make your changes effective).

Best regards,

Jan Harmsen
Software Engineer
Software AG