argbatch create dbfrombackup

Whenever I try to run “create database” or “create dbfrombackup” it keeps claiming “parameter backupspace is mandatory!” … which wouldn’t be an issue except it’s not documented anywhere and I am unsure what to set it to since when I do this same process from within SMH I never get asked for this. Here’s the command I’m issuing:

argbatch create dbfrombackup database=PROD

I don’t specify any sizes because I expect it to inherit the ones from the file backup much like SMH does when I use it to create a database from backup.


actually, using the System Management Hu (GUI) and doing a create from backup also prompts you for the backupspace (it is FROM BACKUP, so you need to specify the backup). You can always append helplong to an argbatch command to find out more information, e.g.
argbatch create dbfrombackup helplong

You need to specify the path to the backup in the filesystem

argbatch create database does not require a reference to a backup because it creates a new database



I am mistaken, when I was looking through the help I was looking through: argbatch create database helplong

two notes I discovered in case anyone else comes through looking for the same thing…

parameter ‘initialfile’ has been deprecated, it is now ‘backupspace’ and expects a /path/to/file … do not wrap it in spaces even if in windows. argbatch didn’t like that.

parameter ‘journalspacelocation’ does not have a trailing ‘_#’.

Thanks for the help, I sincerely appreciate it.