create database from backup

hello, I’m trying to create a copy of a database via the ‘Create database from Backup’ function. After selecting the backup file to use and pressing the OK button I return to the previous page (page 1 of 8) but with still an empty Backup Spaces box and on the bottom of the screen IE tells me that I had errors (the Done with erros icon appears). Double-click on this icon tells me: Line: 69 Char: 1 Error: Expected hexadecimal digit Code: 0 URL: http://localhost:9991/smh/login.htm This only happens with some backups. Other backups from other database can be used normally to create a new database. Did any of you came across this error/behaviour before and do you perhaps have a solution?

You can try to do it from the command line:

argbatch create dbfrombackup help

will show you the exact syntax.