Create Database from Backup

Create Database / Create from Backup function does not set the correct Location, this option sets the original default Location (Ex. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Software AG\Tamino).
Although the selected Location points to another one, the process runs in the original Location.

I created a db from backup (which was actually made on a different computer) a few times before and I never had a problem at all.
Did you define a special location with the location manager and chose this during the db-creation for ALL locations you are asked for ?


Yes, I did it. First I created a new location via Location Management and chose it during the wizard of the new database, and when I finished it, it runs but my choice was not used, default Location was used. I think it is a bug on Tamino Manager process.
Now I moved the database locations to the right place.
I just want to report it, to be fixed in future versions.