Remote backup location


Is it possible to create a backup file with Tamino Manager (or argbatch) on a remote backup location (i.e. a host other than the host where
Tamino is installed)?

best regards,
Dariusz Bauman

Hi Dariuz,

it is certainly possible to add a “location” that resides on a network drive, then nominate this location as a backup location.
This is probably the “poor man’s” answer to your question, but it will work.

Things to bear in mind about this approach are the same as those when moving backup files between architectures - trying to make a backup from a Tamino running on Windows onto a Solaris drive might be… “challenging” … :wink:

I hope that helps,

I experimented with backing up to a network drive and it is not possible to perform the backup in this fashion.

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.

Oooops. That will teach me not to write “it will work” without thorough testing beforehand!

Are there any alternatives? I could imagine an even less elegant solution in which the backup is done locally and then copied/moved to the remote location via a network drive or maybe even FTP, but this is not really answering Dariusz’s question.


Tamino manager (or argbatch, which means the same in this consideration) is generally not able to cope with network drives in a windows environment.
This is due to some MS feature (network drive mapping is personal, the system services are not).
However, as to my knowledge there is one exception to that - if you have Win2K and have not yet applied SP3 it might work.
AFAIK the problem with the usage of network drives is known in the development and is worked upon.

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