Scheduling Backups

From what I can tell, it is not possible to schedule a backup in Tamino. Is this true? If so what are some other alternatives do doing this?

Thanks for any help provided

Hello RWL,
You can schedule Tamino internal backups if you use argbatch (the batch interface to the System Management Hub, or SMH). If you create a batch command file (eg backup.bat in Windows) that executes…

argbatch backup database database=dbname product=tamino user=username password=password 

…you can then schedule the execution of the task using your Operating System (eg cron in Unix, or Control Panel/Scheduled Tasks in Windows). Argbatch is documented in the “User Interfaces” section of the SMH documentation.

Thanks for the information this was very helpful. I doubt I would have been able to find that info in a reasonable amount of time.