Add Location to network drive

Dear all,

Sorry if I post this message at the wrong forum. But does anyone know if I can create a location in the mapped network drive? I mapped a network drive to, say “F:”, but after I goto Location Management and clicked Add, I can’t see there is a “F:”, I can only see the drives in my harddisc, including CD-ROM.

We want to do this because that network drive is ALL our database’s backup, and we will copy the whole folder to tape drive by scheduled job (instead of let tamino backup to tape drive)


That is not possible.
Tamino only can manage local disks.

Maybe will be possible with near Tamino v4 (end of this year).
This new version will support addapters to external backup systems.

Thanks Juanjo,

So, is there anyway for me to know what files are generated by the last time’s backup? So that I can copy them to my network drive? As I really don’t understand their naming convention, especially the 1234567890 in AAD1234567890.1B0. Also, what exactly or how many files I need to copy?

I’m using argbatch backup database to do the backup, scheduled at every 2am. Is it possible for me to copy the generated files?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Lun,

You can find the name convention in the Tamino Documentation:
Tools - Tamino Manager - Administration considerations

Normally you will get only one file named “XXX00001timestamp.1B0”.

If space in first backup location is exhausted, then a second file will be created in the second backup location (if selected) with the name "XXX00002timestamp.1B0 (this is extension 2 of backup file).

The timestamp in that backup file name is the value of the registry key
"HKLM\SOFTWARE\Software AG\Tamino\servers<dbname>\savepoints\latest"

How to get this value from a direct command? :confused:

:slight_smile: You can get it with the command:
regutil getvaluedata “HKLMS\Software AG\Tamino\servers<dbname>\savepoints” latest


Perfect! Although I don’t know what is regutil, I use WSH to get the value in the registry in my batch file.

Thank you very very much!


just a small note about regutil: this is a registry tool provided by Software AG. You can probably find it in a location like “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Software AG” on a Windows machine, or “/usr/SAG/common/bin” on Unix.
(That’s right - it is available on Unix too!)