How to copy a Tamino DB from a PC to another


I have installed and running a Tamino DB in a WindowsNT server and I would like to make a copy of this DB in another NT server.
How can I perform this task?




You can make a backup of your first database and create a new database in your other host from this backup (If you are using Tamino 2).
You will have to create new locations and define parameters again.


I’m sorry for not being so specific. I’m using Tamino
I have made a backup of the DB I want to copy in the other machine and I have obtained one file with 1B0 extension.

Then, how can I restore this DB in the new one?

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Well Kelmo,
To create a new database from another
you can back up the database by expanding the database in the tamino manager, choose backup, and back up to a tape|file.
And then, when creating a database, after you specify the name, you will get to the “Create From Backup”, you choose the tape|file and you continue with the normal procedures.

The steps to copy a database from one PC to another for duplication and distribution to multiple reecipients are the following:
1- You must have the same operating system family (NT to Unix does not work)
2- use the Prepare for CD command:
select the database,
Choose “prepare for cd” from the Commands Window.
The “Prepare Database For CD” page appears.
Chose location on harddrive and press ok.
Copy the files on a cd
3- to deploy the database
choose databases
choose “register cd database”
fill in the information and press OK

I hope this might help
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Hi again,

Thanks for you quick response. But I’m not able to see the Create From Backup option when creating a new DB.
I’m using Tamino (WindowsNT)

Any ideas?



The recipe for copying databases that was explained by Joe and Juan Carlos are valid only for Tamino v2.

Unfortunately these feature were not present in v1.2.1.

If you have just one database that you want to copy then you can take a copy of the databases files (data+index+journal) after the db is closed cleanly. On the new machine create a new database of the same sizes (data+index+journal - exactly the same) and replace these files with the databases files taken from the original machine before starting the database. The only way this works is if the original database was stopped cleanly.

There is a drawback with this though. If on the original machine you have three databases and its the 3rd database you want to copy then you have to create two dummy database on the new machine before using the procedure outlined above. The reason is that the database knows its database identification and this does not tally up with the file names of the containers and information in the registry it will complain. Once the 3rd datbase is started, the two dummy dbs can be deleted.

The steps above are not recommended procedures but in my experience it generally works well. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your trick. I will try it.
I have the following files:
Aab00001.1d0 (102400Kb)
Aab00002.1d0 (180880Kb)
Aab00001.1i0 (51200Kb)
Aab00002.1i0 (51200Kb)
Aab00001.1j0 (307200kB)

I think that’s all. I will try this during this weekend and let you know.
The only problem I see is that I don’t know how can I set the second tablespace for data to an amount of space in Mg (180880Kb are 176.6406Mb) with decimals.

The log space doesn’t need to be copied, does it?



It will probably still work by simple creating the respective containers - I am not sure if Tamino cross-checks the actual container size with values in the registry. What does matter is the correct number of containers so when you create the database you will have to ensure you create two data and two index containers.

Log spaces do not need to be copied - hence the need to ensure the database was cleanly shutdown before copying them.

Good luck :cool:


You can make a bakup of your first database and later create a second database empty and make and backup of this second database.
Then you can see the backup file (with your operating sistem) created with the second backup and replace this with the first backup file. The name of this file must be equals to the second backup file.
Then restore this backup and the data will be stored in your second database.
The idea is be deceptive with Tamino database and change fisically one of its database files without change its name.


Stuart, you were right, I replaced the files I told you and everything seems to work OK. Thanks.

Thanks also to Juan Carlos, I think your idea is also a good one.

I’m going to test deeply the DB to assure it works perfectly and let you know.

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P.D: I’m really surprised because these forum really works!! Congratulations!

Just let you know that it works perfectly.

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