restore db into other db


I do have two databases on my server, one for development and one for acceptance.
The second one was created using a backup from the first db. This all worked fine. Both db’s have same sizes for INDEX, DATA and JOURNAL space.
Now I want to ‘refresh’ the contents of the 2nd db with what is in the dev-db.
I created a new backup of the dev-db and want to restore that into the acc-db but this isn’t possible. Only backups of acc-db can be used for restore.
Of course I could delete the acc-db and recreate it from dev-db backup, but isn’t there an easier way?
Why not restoring using other dbs backup (like on the mainframe Adabas where you could specify new-dbid).

Any suggestions are welcome.


indeed there is not other solution in your scenario. Do I understand this correctly:
you have one read-only database and one where changes occur? In this case, you can use Tamino’s replication
feature: Switch the database from read-only to replication to update, back o read only if replication is finished.



No, both my databases are meant for update. One is the development environment and one the acceptance environment.
After some time the development environment has changed (new schemas; modified schemas; new queries etc.) and instead of applying all changes manually I’m looking for a way to restore the whole database with all it’s schema’s, data and queries directly into the acceptance environment.
I meanwhile succeeded in doing so by renaming the development-backup to the initial backup of acceptance.
I.e. rename AAx00001001069251602.1B0 to AAy00001000000000000.1B0 and then restore the (new) initial backup for this db.
So far it seems that this worked Ok.