Creating db from backup file

I am trying to create a tamino db from a tamino backup file. The following error occurs when trying this in Tamino Manager: Block size mismath detected on index space. Of course, the db doesn’t get created. I calculated the index, data, and journal spaces from the source db, so I’m not sure what’s wrong.
This is for Tamino under W2K
Any help would be great!

I was wondering if the backup was created on the same machine than the restore takes place?
On the other hand, during restore, did you use the default values, or did you click on the “Finish” button right away?

Gerald Ristow
Tamino R&D


Thanks for your response. The backup is from our Production server, but the two servers are identical in hw and sw. For the restore, I click on the next button to get to change the db spaces as per Production.


Hi Ed,
did you ever try to click on “Finish” right away without specifying the database spaces? Perhaps, Tamino can determine them from the backup automatically?

Gerald Ristow
Tamino R&D


How many data and index spaces does your production database have?


The db has 3 index spaces and 1 data space.


Sadly, that’s the problem (which has been resolved with later versions of Tamino).

I think your only option here is to create a new, empty database large enough to hold your data, and then unload from production and load to your new database.

Sorry :frowning:

Thanks for your help, Kevin. We will be upgrading to the next version soon!