DB Restoration

I have configured Tamino DB Back up 4.4.1 with parallel option (one location pointing to the internal drive and another location pointing to the external mapped drive).

Now, when I try to create the DB from Backup, the following error message comes up:

INOAAE0183 Cannot create database: Backup spaces have not been specified in the sequence determined by their extent or stream numbers.

Any thoughts what needs to be done on this.


With parallel backup the backup consists of more than one file,
e.g. stream 1: D:/db/default/AAC00001001252572174.1B0
and stream 2: F:/db/bcktest/AAC00002001252572174.1B0
When adding the database spaced to be used for Create DB from Backup, stream 1 has to be added as first backup space. If the first backup space is not the one for stream 1, the error INOAAE0183 is displayed.

It seems that the backup extents are specified in a wrong way. This means you must specify all backup files in ascending order into the “Backup Spaces” window of the Create dialog.
Hint: The extent numbers of the backup files are within the filename, a 5-digit number right behind the identifier, e.g: AAB00001… is extent number 1