Attachment List can't upload file & Attachment panel can't update and remove attachments on 9.8

Hi experts,
I am using webmethods 9.8, recently, I found Attachment List control can’t upload file but can update and remove attachments, And Attachment panel control can’t update and remove attachments, but can upload file, It’s werid, Attachment List control can’t launch addAttachment method of IAttachmentsProvider, and Attachment panel control update button & remove botton are gray, could anyone tell me how to resolve this problem?
by the way, Attachment panel control is deprecated on 9.8.

best regards,

This may be a known issue that was fixed in MWS_9.8_Fix4 (see MWS-15204), so make sure you have that fix level or later.

Hi Eric,
thanks for your reply, I tried to use update manager, and select all fix, however, there was an error occured in progress, I will try again later.
thank you.