Failed to process the MDN

Hi everyone,

I was using webMethods version 9.12 and sent the message from one server to another via TN. But when I received the MDN it replied, My webMethods Transactions page indicate that the Status is ProcessMDNMsg:ERROR and Activity log indicate that Failed to process this MDN.

Full Message as below:;Ljava/util/List;)Ljava/sql/ResultSet;

Then I debugged the flow service: wm.EDIINT.rules:processMDN with the EDIINT Message ID , I found that when I debugged the child step: wm.EDIINT.doc:documentQuery with the same EDIINT Message ID?I get the same error message.;Ljava/util/List;)Ljava/sql/ResultSet;

But when I used webMethods version 9.10, it can process MDN successfully,

Did anyone have encountered the same situation? What should I do to solve it?

Hi Hu,

are boith servers having the same set of Fixes applied?
Are both servers running the same JVM version?

Error message looks incomplete, can you check for the missing part?

Is it really neccessary to process messgae via TN when both partners are IntegrationServers?
Broker or UM might be a better and simpkler solution.


Complete message definitely will help. But I don’t think both side has to be the same version, patch, For EDI, it should be OK even different product.


deriving from the partial error message I aasume some sort of class version mismatch.
Thats why I have asked for Fix levels to be identical.

Please provide the list of fixes being applied to the IntegrationServers.

Additional Information from Empower KonwledgeBase (Article: #1780276):

EDIINT MDN default processing service throws the below exception and updates TN Status as ERROR:



The reported issue is addressed withTNS_9.7_Fix9 or latest and EDI_8.2.1_WmEDIINT_Fix11:

The following additional information is found in the Fix Readme.txt file:

"OTN-16236 (TNS_9.7_Fix9)

In webMethods Trading Networks, processing of EDIINT MDN fails.

When an EDIINT MDN message is processed by Trading Networks,
the following error message is displayed:
"Object has been closed"

This issue is now resolved."

This update also requires EDIINT Module 8.2.1 Fix 11 or latest fix to be installed.


May be look for a similar fix for 9.12 that might help check with SAG support referencing the empower 9.7 version article.


Hi Holger ,
Thank you for your help.
We didn’t installed any Fixes on webMethods 9.12 now, the two servers’ JDK versions are all 1.8.0_101, and we must need to use TN .

Complete error message as below: (Ljava/lang/String; Ljava/util/List;) Ljava/sql/ResultSet;

Hi Xiaowei ,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I think versions can be different, too. However, today,we send message from 9.10 IS to 9.12 IS and can process MDN successfully.But when we send it from 9.12 IS to 9.10 IS,it failed to process MDN.

Hi Holger ,

Thank you for your help.

Because 9.10 IS did not install Fixes, it can process MDN successfully.and 9.12 IS did not install Fixes,too,it failed , I’m so confused. Do you know what the reason is?

Hi rmg ,

Thank you for your reply.

We’ll find the Fixes and articles.


please check, if OTN-16236 is included in 9.10 GA and/or 9.12 GA.


Hi Holger ,

How should I check to see if it has included OTN-16236 ?

Hi Hu,

this should be mentioned in the readme for the release.

You can aearch in Empower for this issue and will hopefully get the readmes for either fix or release as a result.


Hi all,

The issue has been resolved after we installed the mentioned fixes. Thank you!