ASF and Review

When will ASF for ADABAS version 8 be released? I am a customer of ASF, have an upgrade to ADABAS 8 in my future, and need the ASF reporting to be there before the upgrade. The same question applies to Review.
Currently we have ASF712 and Review432 :?:

Hi Jim,

I can provide an answer concerning REVIEW4 and Adabas Version 8:
REVIEW 43 does work with the new Adabas version 8 as long as the CLOGLAYOUT parameter is set to 5. It does not yet support CLOGLAYOUT=8, but this makes not much difference for Review because Review deals with fieldnames and these are the same whether you use CLOGLAYOUT=5 or in future CLOGLAYOUT=8.
The next REVIEW version 4.4. will then support CLOGLAYOUT=8 and is planned for July 2007.

Uschi Noll


Thank you for the information regarding Review. What is the answer to my question regarding ASF?

The release for the new version of ASF supporting Adabas 8 is planed for mid April 2008.