JADABAS and ADABAS version 8

Has the JADABAS product been upgraded to support all features of version 8 (blobs, spanned records, large PE counts, etc). If so, is there a new write up I could get to share with my manager?

Craig Soehnlin

Some of the features, like spanned records, are transparent to the “application”.

But to answer your question:

No, Jadabas has NOT been enhanced to support Adabas 8 features, and the last I heard was that this will not be done.

If you want to use Adabas 8 features from Java (but not only from Java), the Adabas SOA Gateway is the technology best suited to meet your requirements.

Thank you for the quick response. I was only verifying that JADABAS was still at v 7.4.3. (I thought I might be missing the new documentation somehow). My manager has clarified our needs and it looks like the SQL gateway might be a better fit.
Thanks again.

Craig Soehnlin

O.k., Craig. I pointed you to the SOA Gateway because you mentioned BLOBs, for which there’s no support within the SQL Gateway.