Adabas Mainframe Versions

I’m writing a book on the Adabas C (Mainframe), I would like to know the release date of each version.


Adabas 1 - Date 1975
Adabas 2 - Date 1976

I searched the manual and only found the date of Adabas 8.

In the early days, release dates were often not unique. A release of Adabas in Germany did not imply that release was available elsewhere.

For example, you show a 1975 release date for Adabas 1. Drawing solely on memory, and having no documentation to back it up, I seem to recall that in the US the release date was in 1974, and the German release date was even earlier.

I would guess that the place to get definitive answers to your question would be Software AG itself and the companies that represented Software AG in various countries.


Thanks for the reply Steve Robinson;

In the release documentation for version maybe have this information (year of each version), before it was just printed. I’ve asked for the support of my country and softwareag also sent emails to several people in the software ag nobody knows.

Does anyone know where I find the old documentation of Adabas? Version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 ?


Let me check and come back to you.
I am interested in knowing more about your book.
If you want send me your contact date.


I am on the collection of information, already has 100 pages, is in Portuguese (Brazil), ending’ll try to publish (it should take another two years)