Adabas History

Just curious to see if someone has a story to tell about why and how Adabas was developed and how it evolved to its current state.

I agree! That would be interesting.
The only thing I found on the SAG-Homepages was

The german wikipedia only says, that first version of Adabas was released in 1971 for IBM and Siemens mainframes.

If somebody knows more about it: Please write it into ADABAS - Wikipedia

The history of ADABAS in the USA is interesting.

It is true that John Maguire sold ADABAS out of the trunk / boot of his car. When he made a sale, he had tapes ready to give the customer.

It is also true that the KGB tried to get the source code for ADABAS by bribing Jim Addis, but the FBI sting operation failed.

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BTW: There’s no article about Natural in the English wikipedia.

You can find some additional information here:

the url doesn’t work. is it correct?

The link does work. It’s not much, though.

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In 1970 ADABAS is one of the earliest commercially available database products. Initially released on IBM mainframe systems using DOS/360, OS/MFT or OS/MVT, ADABAS is now available on a many of other systems including OpenVMS, Unix (Linux and Linux on zSeries) and Microsoft Windows servers. ADABAS is the world’s fastest OLTP databases, offering 24x7 functioning, Parallel Sysplex support, real-time replication capability, SQL and XML access and so many other capabilities. Historically, ADABAS was used in conjunction with Software AG’s programming language NATURA. natural & adabas applications, that use ADABAS as a database on the back-end are also developed with NATURAL as well.