Where is Adabas 6.9 documentation?

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We are trying to access the latest documentation from 2020 October but the site ==techcommunity.softwareag.com== appears down, and the requests are redirected to ==softwareag.com==

Where is it possible to find the Adabas 2020 October documentation ?

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Dave Tipler will go and add it onto this website soon…

I will tell him today about your query and they should go and add it for you :



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Hi Leonard,

Got feedback from Dave Tipler and he said, Software AG will add the documentation you are looking for to the below mentioned website :


Note : I see in your LINKEDIN profile you are in South Africa, Dave and I both worked for SPL in South Africa


Correction : There is no 6.9 for UNIX. They had prepared a V7.0 for 2020Oct. Last published version before was 6.8. Doc is not available - probably the 6.8 doc is available via the SAG link quoted in this thread.

Anton ( Via Dave )

Thank you very much for the clarification. I will be looking forward towards the 2020Oct upload at the location you shared.

Is techcommunity.softwareag.com site going to be available again ?

PS. Yes, I am in Sout Africa but joined our tech after SPL time.We should know a few common customers we had worked at.

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I just follow up on the prior query about the latest documentation because the customer wants to upgrade their system to the latest version. Understand that both http://empower.softwareag.com and http://techcommunity.softwareag.com are still unavailable.

Is it an indication when Adabas 7.0 documentation is available and could be uploaded into the https://support-usgov.softwareaggov.com ? Also, is the Natural version for October 2020 will be 9.1.3 and could it be uploaded as well ?

Thank you