Where is Adabas 6.9 documentation?

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We are trying to access the latest documentation from 2020 October but the site ==techcommunity.softwareag.com== appears down, and the requests are redirected to ==softwareag.com==

Where is it possible to find the Adabas 2020 October documentation ?

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Dave Tipler will go and add it onto this website soon…

I will tell him today about your query and they should go and add it for you :



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Hi Leonard,

Got feedback from Dave Tipler and he said, Software AG will add the documentation you are looking for to the below mentioned website :


Note : I see in your LINKEDIN profile you are in South Africa, Dave and I both worked for SPL in South Africa


Correction : There is no 6.9 for UNIX. They had prepared a V7.0 for 2020Oct. Last published version before was 6.8. Doc is not available - probably the 6.8 doc is available via the SAG link quoted in this thread.

Anton ( Via Dave )

Thank you very much for the clarification. I will be looking forward towards the 2020Oct upload at the location you shared.

Is techcommunity.softwareag.com site going to be available again ?

PS. Yes, I am in Sout Africa but joined our tech after SPL time.We should know a few common customers we had worked at.

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I just follow up on the prior query about the latest documentation because the customer wants to upgrade their system to the latest version. Understand that both http://empower.softwareag.com and http://techcommunity.softwareag.com are still unavailable.

Is it an indication when Adabas 7.0 documentation is available and could be uploaded into the https://support-usgov.softwareaggov.com ? Also, is the Natural version for October 2020 will be 9.1.3 and could it be uploaded as well ?

Thank you

I just verified the documentation again, and found the last published was 6.7.1 in October 2019 …

It seems there is no 6.8 documentation as well as it is no 6.9 ?

Understand that 7.0 would be release in April 2021

Version 6.7.1 is the latest for Adabas LUW. I never saw an announcement for v6.8 or v6.9. Historically SAG has gone to about release 7 before jumping to the next version, According to the latest roadmap, you are correct that the next release will be v7.0 in April 2021.

Hi Ralph, thank you very much for this confirmation.