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The client I’m working with has turned off the payload processing for incoming AS2 documents, so I need to process the payload via a TN rule for an inbound EDIINT doc. I tried calling the built-in ‘processMsg’ service for EDIINT via a TN rule but nothing seemed to happen as far as I was expecting it to extract the payload which is an EDI msg (997) and resubmit it to TN.

Does anyone know how to process the incoming AS2 payload using built-in services to extract the payload and resubmit to TN? Or what steps are involved in processing manually if required (hopefully not).


the default EDIINT rule will trigger if the user status is: ProcessMsg and will call the processMsg service. and it will create X12 997 instance in TN. You should have rule for 997 to further process it.
Do you see an EDIINT doc in TN when received a doc?
is the client posting to wm.EDIINT:receive?

This is not happening, as I described the process payload config parameter is disabled, under the IS admin EDIINT screen. I cannot change this.

To anyone looking at this down the road I have figured it out. You have to create a processing rule that calls processMsg (which sends MDN and decrypts the payload), then call getContentPart for partName payload which grabs the content, in my case EDI doc. Then I call the recognize and routeBizdoc built in services and change the doc status along the way from PAYLOAD to DONE (or ERROR if needed).

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If the client is not populating the correct content-type when they constructing the AS2 envelope, this may happen. check you ENIINT TN doc, see what’s the content-type there, if it’s not application/EDI-X12, TN won’t be able to recognize it.
your solution is ok, but still headack to create.
If your client can populate the content type properly, X12 doc will be automatically generated.
like this one:

Content-Type: application/EDI-X12
Content-Disposition: Attachment; filename=“edi.txt”

ISA00 00

I mentioned we turned off payload processing on our side so I have to do this…