API Gateway Missing YAI.ConfigPanel.Head.label

I’m trying to install API Gateway Software AG 10.15, but got this error.

Missing YAI.ConfigPanel.Head.label

Missing YAI.ConfigPanel.HttpPort.label[ 9072 ] ?
Missing YAI.ConfigPanel.HttpsPort.label[ 9073 ] ?

It was supposed to prompt like this in Software AG Api Gateway 10.11:

API Gateway

HTTP port:[ 9072 ] ?
HTTPS port:[ 9073 ] ?

API Data Store prompt not display which indicates missing steps. After installation API Gateway cannot start. Can you help me to install the API Gateway? Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Maulana,

looks like your image got corrupted somehow, missing some archives with the config screens.
Is there anything in the install.log related to this?

Can you try to download the image once more with the installer, please?