Ambiguous document recognition?

wM 9.7

Recently started having issue with an error for “Ambiguous Document Recognition” where it is saying that a document identifies as X12 Envelope and a custom XML we use internally.

Here’s the exact error:

Recognition was ambiguous. The following BizDocTypes were recognized: [WMX12-1-----ENVELOPE---- - X12 Envelope] , [5682q100a1jnrogs0000000r - OrderInfo]

What’s strange, if I resubmit the document from MyWebMethods, it gets recognized and processed correctly.

What would be causing the error, and why does it not error out when I resubmit it, or even submit it through ‘submit documents’ ?

I can’t disable the X12 Envelope, as it’s used for actual EDI data.

Thanks for your help,


Found the issue with this.

There is a service which is creating the OrderInfo document routing the XML to TN, then a processing rule was taking the OrderInfo and generating the EDI. The issue is that the OrderInfo doc was not being dropped after the EDI was generated.

The routeXML in the EDI services was trying to route both the orderInfo and the EDI to TN the 2nd time and it was being confused.

As always, dropping unused elements is a great rule to follow. Unfortunately the “parent” service didn’t do a good job of it.

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