Alfabet Help directory missing?


I installed a server with components Web Application and help.

Help files are physically stored here
C:\Program Files (x86)\Software AG\Alfabet 10.9\Programs\Help\IndexDir\HelpSearchIndex
This seems convinient.

I do have to state the full web path within the Alias configuration and from the documentation this should be:

This does not work out and was obvious as within the Web Applications folder there is no help folder.

What am I missing here to get this right?
Beforehand I had configured the local path to the help files, searching within help was possible but clicking on a link did nothing. That is how I stumbled upon the possibly wrong URL which sure should not be local but the web server itself.

Thanks for a short hint and Kind Regards


Below “AlfaWebapplication” you should have in your case a “Help” folder, which contains the “Gui_30” folder. Either it was not installed or installed somewhere else. Can you please validate?

If you can’t find it, please contact:

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There is no Help folder within the folder AlphabetWebApplication but I found it where it was installed on the Alfabet Server server as well
C:\Program Files (x86)\Software AG\Alfabet 10.9\Programs\Help\IndexDir\HelpSearchIndex

Should I have chosen a different path for the index on the Web Application server which I installed sepaerately?
If so am I able to fix this with a change installation or else?

Just to be clear, the folder is located here C:\Program Files (x86)\Software AG\Alfabet 10.9\Programs\Help\IndexDir\HelpSearchIndex on the Alfabet Server server and the Web Application server :wink:

Please raise an Empower ticket.

I did open a ticket now and will try to share here as soon as I got some clue on how to resolve the issue.

I accidently did not enable the Online Help to be installed :man_facepalming:
The subsequent steps implied to me that the Help had been installed forcefully but that was not the case.

There is no change option within the setup routine but one is able to start setup run a new installation within the same directory and this time enable additional features.

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