Alfabet Expand [...]name/password you entered is not valid


we are trying to access Alfabet Expand (10.9). For now we are trying to access Expand from the Web Application Server as it is only installed there. Alfabet Server itself is installed on a different machine.

  1. Added DBOwner to the test user for the desired DB (is there a more detailed security setting on what is needed?)
  2. Created a copy of the alias on the Web Application Server, enabled Track Meta-Model Changes and added https://fqdnofwebhost/ALFABET as the Web test server
  3. Checked web.config and removed on both DesignTest and DesignTestSys sections even if I do not believe this is an issue but just wanted to make sure. All other settings are as described within the System Administration manual.

Although all those settings seem to be correct…

  1. Open Alfabet Expand on the Web Application Server as a user with enabled Expand and assigned read/write profile
  2. Choose newly created Alias
  3. Put no username/password into the opened mask as SSO is being used
  4. Error message appears after some seconds stating “The user name/password you entered is not valid.”

With the same user it is possible to automatically log in to the Web Interface and connect to the DB via Alfabet Expand.

Tried to get some informations out of some activated logs but nothing in there so far.

Besides the obvious main question it would be great if you could get some hints on how to install Expand on a Client machine.

Thanks in advance and kind regards


Please contact for deployment related issues.

Thanks, missed that part :wink:

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