Add new document type into trading Network that is not in the list


I need to install a new document type and I can’t find it into the list. Here is where I’m going.

I log in the server admin page
In the left part, I click on Doc Exchange/Install TN document Types

Then I have choices. I need the following.

Standard: X12
Version: 5040
Transaction Set: 824

What can I do to be able to get it?

What is your IS/EDI Module version running on?

I can see this doc type does exist on IS712/EDI Module 6.5.2 at least:


I’m using Trading Networks Console 6.5

It may not have added/supported in that version…I can say:

Please contact SAG support in any case:


Sorry but what is SAG support?

Software AG tech support who owns now webMethods product (800) 525-7859)…

So upto what EDI version are you able to browse in the WmEDI home page till 4060??


Version 5030.

Ok…check with SAG support for the EDI Module fixes if they can provide 5040 inclusion or .SEF file.

But it does exist in the IS7.x.x versions on:


I’m working with ‘littlebird’. We are running IS 6.5 and EDI module 6.5.2

I have found a really similar incident on (incident # 5030468) but it could be difficult to install and test all the fixes required in order to have those document types working shortly. Each fix does need another fix to work. The risk to break something else is high.


Yes there might be…but its worth try in a lower level environment for reducing risks.

What are your other options approaching SAG support?